Pixelate studios soft skills division is a team of soft skills and life skills trainers. A team is lead by a veteran from Indian Air force and Retired officer from public sector organization. We strongly believe that every individual is a potential performer. But every potential performer could become a performer with the help of a trainer, mentor and coach, provided if that individual has little bit of drive initiation and interest. Because success is your choice when you learn and practice soft skills in the 21st century. Success leads to happiness and happiness leads to success in our pixelate studios - school of arts.

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People Consulting

People – it is one of the most important pillars of business. As much as the more it is of great value,

Process Consulting

Process is the second pillar of any organization, the first being business and third being people.

Business Consulting

Business is all about how you act to every moment that life unfolds to you. It’s about taking charge

Personality Development

Spoken English

Public Speaking Skills

Leadership Skills

Selling Skills

Negotiation Skills

Interpersonal Skills

GD & Interview Skills

Time & Stress Management

Entrepreneur Development Program

Train the Trainer

100% Placement

Business/Marketing Consultancy

Softskills Training

Teens To Super Teens

Success and Happines

We all want to be successful and happy in our life. Why most of the people are not successful and happy?
What makes some people successful and happy? It is a million dollar question.
Great news is that , whoever you may be, you may be short, dark, lean, thin, poor, ugly,... you can be successful and happy. You can choose your success and happiness if you want. It's up to you.
The ladder to success and happiness is here.
1. Have your vision and mission
2. Train your body and mind
3. use Yoga sasthra
4. Practice Artha sasthra
5. Start now
6. Build your team
7. Improve your personal life
8. Develop your relationships
9. Balance at work life
10. Contribute to society

Soft skills is not a theoretical subject, it is more or less a practical subject like learning and swimming. It needs perfect training, coaching, mentally from an experienced person that will may get it in pixelate studios - school of arts.

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